Friday, January 15, 2010

Only at Christmas Time

I just want to share a quick story from my time in Graz. This is my favorite moment of the trip, I think.

I had mentioned in a previous post that Christian, Julie, Michael and I had returned from a Christmas movie marathon and decided to sing Christmas carols in four-part harmony. We happened to learn "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" fairly well and that became a staple of the rest of our trip.

The day after we spent that evening singing together, we walked to Christian's church after rehearsals. Our path took us through a little park in Graz (it's actually quite large) and while walking we decided to renew our singing. So here we were, four Americans walking through a park in Graz, covered with snow, singing "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" in four-part harmony. It was so fun. But the best part was that at one point a man who was out jogging happened upon us. He then slowed down and walked along with us while we sang. He began to hum along. Then our paths split and we went right while he went left. As he began his jogging again he thanked us and told us it was beautiful.

That moment really made me smile big smiles in my heart. I hope I always remember it. That's part of the reason I just wrote it down.

Houyue has been posting some videos on Facebook from the China trip and many have been posting their pictures from the trip. It's been great seeing everything and everyone again, even if it is only in 2D pictorial representations. Now that I'm a few days removed, I remember the trip fondly. Not the bathrooms, but the trip. And although I don't particularly care to ever return to China, I still have to smile and laugh when I think about all that went on. But my heart still aches for my friends. Luckily I get to see Michael and Angie tonight in Muncie!

Today's song was one that we heard at the Christmas party with Christian's ÖSM friends. We got to the party late, but just in time to hear Karin and Phil singing Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs which they had spent an hour singing in town earlier that day. I had never heard this one before and it has since stuck with me strongly. I really am so blessed and this world really is full of the most interesting people. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the ones I have had the privilege of meeting.

Time for some coffee with my friend Katie G. now!

Only at Christmas Time
Sufjan Stevens

Only to bring you peace
Only at Christmas time
Only the king of kings
Only what once was mine
It takes the end of time
It takes a long long time
Only one thought of mine
Only at Christmas time

He brings us peace
He brings us joy
He brings all thoughts to destroy
Only at Christmas time

To brings us peace
To brings us joy
To brings all thoughts to destroy
Only at Christmas time

Only at Christmas time
Only a tree to climb
Only at Christmas time
If you can read the sign
Only at Christmas time
Everything lost will find
Only at Christmas time
Only at Christmas time

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mimihalley said...

Awww that is such a great story! I'm glad you wrote it down and that you shared it with blogland. :)