Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just made it back to civilization, I mean. Graz. Everyone is fine. All luggage is accounted for. And now it's time for bed. But we did have a lovely walk to Christian's apartment. It was long because we were tired, but it was beautiful because it's snowing again. Not like angry China snow that eats away at your bones down to the marrow ... but gentle Graz snow, welcoming us back and making things look new and clean. Thanks, Graz. I like you too. Another update will come tomorrow since I am allowed to update a blog in this country. No bitterness, though. Yes!

Song: Better
Artist: Regina Spektor.

I keep singing it when I wake up from any number of naps I've taken in the last few days of travel by bus and plane.


Anonymous said...

Welcome "back"!

Anna said...

omg. i know you dislike china, and although i secretly hoped you would love it like i do, i also secretly knew you wouldn't. but that, heather wible, is for some reason why i love you so much :D

and i cannot wait to talk to you when you get back. ALSO PLEASE DO COME TO AUSTIN ASAP. ok right, you took off a bunch of days. so maybe austin won't happen for a while. BUT A GIRL CAN DREAM. LOVE YOU!!!!!!