Friday, March 5, 2010


Believe it or not, I've already written at least three blog posts so far today. That's right. They're just in my head. In some secret place where they go immediately after I finish them. They get locked in and I have yet to figure out 1. where they are and 2. how to get them out. I should check out of those Marauder's maps from Harry Potter. That would be helpful.

A lot of people in my life are already married or about to get married. And this. Is. Awesome. Seriously. Not even a jaded single speaking sarcastically here. I absolutely love it. My pastor gave a really difficult sermon on Sunday and it did have to do with his marriage and I thought about all my beautiful friends who are married and how special they are and how special their marriage is to me. The relationships you have with other people affect each other. They really do. And I realized during Sunday's sermon that I don't need to be married, at least not right now, because all of my friend's marriages, they're like children to me. That sounds weird I realize. But what I mean is ... I don't know. I care deeply about my friends and their relationships with their spouses, or spouses to be. Especially the marriages that I was witness to their beginning (as in, I went to their wedding.) I frequently feel those lightweight burdens on my heart for my friends and their marriages specifically.

So know, my married friends, that I treasure your friendship and your marriage, your vows to each other. I take them seriously, especially the ones where I served as witness to the committing itself. So I am here for you, and I am on both your sides.

And my single friends, I pray for your spouses frequently. Your future relationships are dear to me and I am excited to see them unveiled.

But now that I have typed this out, I feel it's weird. I know it's not weird, or maybe it is, but in an endearing way. But whatever. I'm weird. No worries. I'm fully aware of this.

Time to go play some Verdi's Requiem. Intense.


h51773 said...

I just told Allen that you loved him...

The Wibbler said...

Well, it's true! How did he respond to that? ;)