Sunday, August 1, 2010


First off, let me say ... "growth" as a noun is one of my least favorite words ever. It distresses me greatly. Ew. Growth. Gross.

Now that that's out of the way, shall we continue?

What is this business of growing exactly?
I feel like I can say I've grown significantly over the past year. Not physically. Sadly, that phase is over and done. But emotionally, spiritually, personally. I feel more stable. More well-rounded. More ... boring? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I just have a different definition of fun now. We speak of growing and growth and having grown, but what exactly does that mean? How do we do it? How can we measure it?
How do I know I've grown? Beats me! I haven't the foggiest idea. I haven't necessarily done anything to encourage growth. I haven't stood outside in sunshine and rain alternately. I haven't taken any extra spiritual vitamins. I don't know that my decision-making has necessarily changed all that much, but I do think that decisions are indicative of the growing process. But what about decision-making indicated having grown? The speed with which you make them? The accuracy? The appropriate weight, whatever that means?
What else indicates growth? How well you sleep? How much you read Scripture? How many people like you? How often or seldom you offend people?

What is this thing called growth? And how do we access it? Should we even access it?

Just something I was thinking about at work tonight.

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amyrose said...

Heather, have I ever told you that sometimes it feels like your thoughts are extensions of my own? If you ever answer these questions, let me know, because I too have wondered this same thing.

AND I too wonder if I am getting boring, or if my definition of fun has simply changed.

I think for me, growth is learning to become more self-less, so when you start to spend more of your time thinking of other people and their needs and less of your own, that is growth. I mean, clearly when we start out life we know nothing but our own needs. Hallie is very good at constantly telling me her needs. Eventually her world will broaden and she will come to recognize that there are other living creatures in it that also have needs. Then someday she will learn that she can help other people with their needs... and I think that is how we grow. Turning from having our focus inward to outward...

And I'm learning that it's really hard. And I don't think this is the only definition of growth, just one that I've been noticing. I think the people that I most respect and look up to are the people who give the most of themselves, time, talent, love...