Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful Collision

In one week my debit card number was stolen and used to purchase a ticket to South Africa AND my friend Gary the Garmin was stolen from my mother's car, in our driveway. (I should never leave him unattended. He's too little to protect himself!)
Here are my thoughts:

The depravity of man does not affect the goodness of God. No matter how low man sinks; no matter what man does; no matter how many punk kids break into cars out of boredom; God will remain the good Creator and LORD of the universe. My heart is saddened and disappointed, but not lost. I have not lost hope in God. Not really in man, either. There is still a spark of the holy within. It is up to God to stir it. And I trust in Him. I haven't yet decided whether I'll start locking my doors or not.


amydaisyrose said...

South Africa! Do you get your money back? And to have Gary the Garmin stolen out of your car, too! What a week Heather!

I love you!

The Wibbler said...

Yes, quite the week!
But the money from South Africa does indeed come back ... eventually. Though whether or not that poor soul will still get to go to South Africa or not, I don't know. Gary, I think, is gone. But we have adopted his little sister, Gretchen, and she's fitting in with the family pretty well. Hopefully we'll take better care of her than her brother.

Mimi said...

Hopefully Gary is with a good family that was in desperate need of directional instruction!