Monday, January 3, 2011


Have you ever had those moments, when you've just seen or heard or experienced something that you just know has completely changed you. But you have no idea when or how or why or what in particular it is that's changed. And you don't know how to process it.
It's like this thing that's happened has made you feel everything you could possibly feel at once, but there's so much to feel that instead you just don't feel anything at all. Like you're numb, except that you're experiencing everything.
I'm sitting here just like that. Feeling that, experiencing that. I would say that I want to make art like that, but that may be a privilege given only to those God really loves, and it may be a privilege you only ever get once in a lifetime, if you ever get it. And I would say I want to only experience art like that, but then I maybe really would become numb to it. So instead I'll just say that I'm thankful for this one thing.

I just watched the movie "Waitress." And it is now my intention to tell every single person I know, or meet, or see, or happen to pass by, to watch this movie. When I finally fall asleep and when I wake up in the morning, I will have probably forgotten this resolution which is unfortunate, but for now. Just let me say this:

Go watch this movie. Rent it. Buy it. It's totally worth it. If you buy it and hate it, I will buy it back from you. If I know you.

I wonder if Heaven feels like this only deeper and more real? You know, when all of your sins are removed, and your heart of stone is turned to a heart of flesh, and finally. Finally. Everything is as it should be, and there is no longer anything terribly horribly wrong with the world. Finally everything has been set to rights. This is probably a lot like what it feels like. Or this is maybe the closest on Earth I'll ever come.

I hope you like this movie. I'll feel terrible for talking like this if you don't. But if you don't, then I'll just be satisfied that this was God's own love letter to me, reminding me that my soul is not dead or asleep, just on a journey, making its way home, but it has not forgotten ... and nor should I.


Benny Krown said...

this is what i love about film.
it has such an incredible ability to change people, even if just for a moment. but the exciting and dangerous reality is that moment might be a catalyst for something bigger that will affect the rest of their life.

i don't know if i'll watch waitress. i would have to find a chick to watch a chick flick with. otherwise i just couldn't justify my manhood if i watched it alone. but i will remember your recommendation and take the opportunity if it ever presents itself.

amyrose said...

i will definitely keep it in mind and look it up!

That's how Gone with the Wind was for me, the first time I read it. It completely changed the way I thought about certain things, and while I am so grateful for that change, when I went back and read it again it had lost its magic. I guess it had already done it's work and could now go back to being just a novel?

Anyway, not saying that Waitress will be like that for you, just that I've had that kind of feeling before...

The Wibbler said...


I promise it's less of a chick-flick and more of just a great indie film. Seriously. I mean, yes, there's a love story and the main characters are women. However, I think you, being a student of film, of all people, could get away with watching it without a chick, as you say. I could be wrong, but I think this movie walks the very fine line and has pretty great balance.


Even though your experience is one I've also had, it still makes me sad that magic doesn't last. I know that part of its beauty is its temporal nature, but it still breaks my heart.