Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Okay, so clearly. The only way my last post is going to turn out with a happy ending is if my life actually turns into the movie I so frequently think it is.
And, of course, the determining factor of the tone and outcome of a movie is its soundtrack.
So I've begun trying to live my life with a soundtrack worthy of the happy ending I'm looking forward.
I'm thinking if I set up everything under my control to fall in line with an endearing indie film which speaks to the heart strings, then the things outside of my control must also fall in line, right? Circumstances succumb to peer pressure. I'm pretty sure.
So my beginning: Noah and the Whale.
If you want to feel like your real life is a beloved underground, underappreciated film where the male lead is Michael Cera, listen to this band. They are so charming in their naive authenticity. Bless them.
At this rate, I'm guessing H.B. ought to walk right back into my Starbucks some time in the next ... 10 months. Let's see.

If your life were a movie, what would your soundtrack be?

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amyrose said...

Yeah just remember that sometimes movies cheat where they do that montage thing as the seasons and months go by in minutes. Real life takes longer. And... it's not always the same guy at the end, but it's always perfect. I do believe in happy endings.

My soundtrack would be... well honestly right now it feels like it would be full of number one hits like "The Wheels on the Bus", but I'll get back to you with a more profound answer.