Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The harder I work, the more exhausted I become. The more I praise the LORD, dwelling on His works that His hands have made - His people, His land, His trees, His music, His canvas full of color and sound and light - the more refreshed I become. Essentially, the less work I do, the more I am refreshed. But it is neither easy nor nothing to praise the LORD. One must put aside all other earthly thoughts and cares and, wavering at first, seek the LORD in all His glory. Sometimes in the darkest places. But what is the depths of darkness to Him who is Light? Wherever we go, there shall be light, for when we rest in God, He has prmised us Himself to go with us - never to forsake or leave us. Never. No matter the darkness - small or big - the author and creator of Light and its essence will hem us in - before, behind, beside.
Before. Behind. Beside.


amyrose said...

Um, not really on topic, but I thought of you.

My favorite line from church today:

"Sitting in church won't make you a Christian any more than sitting in a garage will make you a mechanic."

The Wibbler said...

I am a fan of that line. Theme of my youth group life, I think!