Monday, July 20, 2009

Great is Thy Faithfulness

First let me thank everyone for their interest and support! I'm so pleased and honored and floored to have such a fantastic group of friends! Truly!

The adventures have officially begun. The LORD answered every prayer today ... every one ... even the silly ones ... like "where are the power cords in Wal-Mart, Jesus?"

Somehow ... miraculously ... today we fit three people, three people's stuff for a month and a cello in a giant travel case into a new Honda accord! Unheard of! Laura, Bobby and I got in there, fairly comfortably I might add, and drove a couple hours down to my place in Muncie. It was great!

We ran some errands, replaced my little camera, picked up some grapes, cherries, pizza, etc. and are now thoroughly enjoying "Muppets Take Manhattan" while doing some laundry.

Tomorrow we pack up the car again (hopefully with a little less stuff) and head off to Philadelphia where we'll stay with my Uncle Dan's family and leave the car for the month we're gone. Wednesday we hop on a train to Newark to catch the first of many flights!

Time to rest up!

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amydaisyrose said...

You are living the high life! Pizza, cherries, and Muppets?